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yeah it's been a while........

i started school at lee last week. personally i've had better. i'm pretty sure i've had my fill for the rest of my life of people thinking they're better than me. i got sent home from one of my classes because i was wearing a skirt. and it wasn't even a short one. it came just below my kneecap. as i was leaving, this girl walks by, i said nothing to her, mind you, and she gors " you better think about wearing a longer skirt if you're gonna go to school here." to which i replied " yeah i know i just got sent home for it" she answered with " i guess youy'll think about that next time you get dressed for school." awesome. i'm pretty sure i could've found many shorter skirts to wear, trust me but i decided to be modest and what do i get? nothing.

anyways. i moved into my apartment last week as well. it's pretty nice. it's a 2 story 2 bedroom 2 bathroom townhouse. it's really spacious for one person. it gets kinda lonely sometimes especially since i have very few friends in cleveland. but it's kinda nice to be away from roommate, no parents, no money. yeah so that's about it... i miss beau and glen and meghan and papaw and lance and jenny and twon and makes me sad.....
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